Functional Empathy™

A New Approach by minou hexspoor
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A New Approach: Functional Empathy & Leadership

‘Knowing where you are on the Functional Empathy™ Scale, will help you find more effective ways to use empathy in a functional and purposeful way.‘

Introducing Functional Empathy™


The Functional empathy™ scale

Wherever you are on the Functional Empathy™ Scale, for both natural empaths as well as people who wish to be more empathetic, empathy can be a complicated and multifaceted space.

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What will you get out of this?
You’ll learn:

What Functional Empathy™ is

Why it matters for Leadership & Organizations
How it applies to both empaths and people struggling to adopt empathy into the way they work
Learn more about the 8 types on the Functional Empathy™ Scale
How to start using Functional Empathy™ in your work as a coach, manager or leader.