Lynn changed her leadership style and it turned everything around





Functional Empathy




The Human Touch in the AI Revolution

Lynn Fullen, a highly experienced project manager at a tech firm, experienced a dramatic shift in her leadership path, moving from near failure to remarkable success. Known for her proactive approach and a history of leading successful projects, Lynn faced unexpected challenges with her most recent project. Encountering obstacles such as communication issues, dwindling team spirit, and the threat of project failure, she stood at a pivotal moment. Instead of giving in to despair however, Lynn took action, diving into a journey of self-improvement and reflection.


Active Listening: The Breakthrough Moment

Lynn’s initial simple yet powerful breakthrough was applying active listening. She recognized that her leadership approach had been more directive than receptive. To address this, she started holding individual meetings with her team members. Through genuinely listening to their worries and challenges, she not only identified underlying problems but also built a stronger foundation of trust. This shift towards valuing listening sparked significant changes.


Self-Awareness: Embracing Imperfection

Choosing a path to leadership growth, Lynn immersed herself in some serious attention to her self-awareness. She recognized her part in the project’s difficulties, accepting both her weaknesses and strengths, and started to be more mindful in communicating those. This increased self-awareness didn’t just make Lynn more approachable; it also improved her ability to manage her emotions, and inspire people through her own actions.


Adaptability & FlexibilityUnderstanding the importance of being adaptable, Lynn moved away from inflexible strategies and tight deadlines. She adopted a more flexible methodology, making room for changes in response to her team’s changing requirements and outside influences. The outcome was a noticeable decrease in stress among her team members and a significant boost in their motivation.


Recognition and Validation: Celebrating Wins, Big and Small

Lynn recognized the power of acknowledgment. By setting up routine feedback meetings, she highlighted both individual and team successes, shining a light on the hard work of her team members. This gesture of recognition cerated a major uplift in morale, generating impact across the team.



Lynn’s story is more than a story of project recovery; it highlights the real impact of emotional intelligence (EQ). Her commitment to changing her own approaches, and increase her skills like active listening, self-awareness, adaptability, and showing appreciation, demonstrates the complex nature and impact of EQ. As we explore stories that highlight the challenges and successes of leadership, Lynn’s story can function to motivate us to tackle real, every day challenges with the power of emotional intelligence. Every leader’s path is marked by unexpected developments, and Lynn’s account shows how EQ can transform difficulties into achievements.


What can you learn from Lynn?


Now it’s time to reflect on how Lynn’s transformative experience can guide you through challenges you might face in your leadership role.

  • Active Listening: How often do you prioritize active listening? Consider starting or increasing one-on-one sessions with your team members to truly understand their perspectives and concerns.
  • Self-Awareness: Have you taken timeto acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as a leader? Embrace imperfection, and recognize that self-awareness is the first step towards becoming a more relatable and approachable leader.
  • Adaptability: Ask yourself: In the face of challenges, am I  rigid or adaptable? Consider adopting a more flexible approach to leadership, allowing for adjustments based on your team’s evolving needs and an  ever-changing external environment.
  • Recognition and Validation: How often do you celebrate the wins, big and small, within your team? Implement regular feedback sessions and acknowledge the hard work of your team members. Remember, a simple act of recognition can be more powerful than you think. 

In your leadership journey, Lynn’s story invites you to explore the untapped potential of emotional intelligence. As you navigate leadership challenges, consider incorporating elements of active listening, self-awareness, adaptability, and recognition into your leadership tool-belt.