Empathy Ambassador Program

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As an Empathy Ambassador you become part of our global network of people and organizations who choose empathy as a core value; and through your work and/or way of living contribute to bringing more empathy and compassion into the world.  

Our Mission

We believe all people desire to be seen, to be heard and to feel connected.

We believe empathy is at the root of all healthy human connection.

We believe everyone has the potential to be empathic.

We believe everyone is worthy of receiving empathy.

We believe empathy is a value we can all live by.

We believe we can all lead with empathy in work and life.

We believe empathy is a skillset that can be learned, practiced and strengthened.

We believe that we can all contribute to creating a better world by choosing empathy as a way of connecting with others.

We believe in the power of truly listening.

We believe in the power of personal and professional growth in an empathic environment.

We believe true success contributes to a better, healthier, more functional and more compassionate world.

We believe that Functional Empathy is at the core of all sustainable success.

Vision & Strategies

Too many people, in this fast changing world are either struggling because they are empathic and feel overwhelmed, because they crave more empathy towards them or because they struggle to adopt empathy in a healthy and functional way. The nature of life, business and organizations is complex and challenging, in an increasingly dynamic and changing world. This also means that problems arising from that reality, can lead to new opportunities about how we want to shape the future of our life and work environment.

We are on a mission to bring that foundational empathy into the world, one person at a time; one organization at a time.

We are on a mission to expand the network of people who consciously choose empathy as a core value, and live and work in such a way that they bring more empathy into the world; be that in their own network, community, their organizations, countries. Functional Empathy™ has as its strategic goal to become the networked expert for people and organizations wanting to receive and share healthy and functional empathy.

  • Networked: This strategy sees us work together with people and organizations across the world, to ensure our collective work has maximum reach and impact.
  • Expert: we continue to develop our FE™ content and programs, shared through Empathy Ambassadors, Empathy Patrons, and a network of people and organizations.

These two key strategic FE™ ambitions will see us reach increasing numbers of people every year with programs and content relevant to people’s personal and professional needs – all delivered through a global network of local and international actors.

Our overall goal is that an increasing number of people – whether surviving or thriving – can learn, develop and grow in an environment that offers healthy and functional empathy for them to do so.

Because everyone is born deserving.


Become an Empathy Ambassador

What is Functional Empathy?

Functional Empathy refers to choosing empathy as a core value, and knowing how to apply it  as a skill set in a functional and healthy way in your work and life.

Functional Empathy is about expanding healthy empathy and compassion in the world.

What is an Empathy Ambassador?

An Empathy Ambassador is someone becoming part of our network of people and organizations who choose empathy as one of their core values; and through their work and/or way of living bring more empathy and compassion into the world.

What Do you do as an Empathy Ambassador of FE?

  • As an Empathy Ambassador you consciously create and contribute to the advancement of Empathy in the world by sharing your ideas, vision, thoughts, work, wisdom, etc. through your own work, way of living and through the FE Network.
  • You are contributing to a more empathic world, and the expansion of the group of people who choose empathy as a core value, and who want to bring more empathy into the world.

What are the benefits of becoming an Empathy Ambassador for FE?

  • Expand your professional network
  • Connect with like minded people across the world who all share the value and skills of empathy
  • The FE network will share your work, input, writings, content, etc. to increase the visibility of your contributions to spreading empathy
  • Receive discounts of up to 50% for Empathy Ambassadors Only, on all FE courses and content
  • The possibility of becoming a future trainer of FE
  • Benefit from exposure in the FE network and carrying the “Empathy Ambassador” badge.
  • Mention on FE website as Empathy Ambassador

How to become an Empathy Ambassador?

You can apply to become an Empathy Ambassador by filling out the Application form here.