apply empathy
in a functional & healthy way

Are you ready to bring out the best in yourself and the people you work with? Functional Empathy™ (FE) is an approach that helps you as an empathic professional to optimize your empathic skill-set to lead more powerfully, create healthy relationships, and help others unlock their potential and enhance their performance.

Personal Benefits

for you, your clients, and others

As an empathy, you likely struggle with many challenges.

These challenges arise from your ability to be highly sensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. You tend to take responsibility and act with the intention of being supportive – sometimes creating a heavy weight on your shoulders, and not knowing how to release it. This may affect your personal relationships, the way people treat you, and your support system.

On a personal level, this course helps empaths and empathic professionals to learn how to apply empathy in a functional and healthy way.

You will:


Break the Cycle of Depletion and overwhelm


Understand which FE roles you take on in work and life


Learn to apply different FE roles personally and professionally


Learn how to stay close to yourself and how to recognize and honor your needs, wants and desires


Learn how to stay true to your values, even under pressure


Adopt empathy as your biggest strength and learn to apply it as a skill-set to improve your leadership and communication abilities


Develop the skills and tools you need to be an empath in a healthy and functional way

Professional Benefits

for you, your clients, and others

On a professional level, empaths and empathic leaders/professionals might struggle due to the tendency to always being there for others. This can manifest through always being the person who fixes things, and supports everyone. This can stem for example, from a tendancy to please others, wanting to keep the peace and harmony (at the expense of addressing challenges), or imposter syndrome. This often leads to feeling overwhelmed, experiencing too much drama from others, fear of failure, and many more typical empath struggles.
Are you ready to bring out the best in yourself and the people you work with?

Functional Empathy™ (FE) is an approach that helps you, your clients and people you work with, to use empathy as your strongest skill set, and to help others unlock their potential and create optimal performance. You will learn the key concepts of FE, combined with approaches from Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT), and Core Coaching Skills. This will enable you to help the people you work with solve tough problems, address workplace overwhelm, set goals, and learn on the job.

Acceptance and Commitment Theory, is a therapeutic and coaching approach used to improve performance. Traditional approaches to peak performance look to control your emotions and behaviors in order to enter an optimal state of performance. ACT, on the other hand, aims to create acceptance of unwanted inner (anxiety, fear, overwhelm) and outer (inconveniences) events and increase the tolerance to committing to the task.
This is a scientifically proven well known method for performance enhancement.

FE, combined with ACT approaches, provides the necessary learning and practical tools for you, your clients and the people you work with, to enhance professional and personal life, improve leadership skills, set boundaries and enhance work-life balance.

You will:


Start applying FE at work with others/clients


Learn to help others identify the different FE roles they play unconsciously


Learn to help others identify which FE roles they ideally would want to use for ideal results in work and life


Get hands-on experience applying techniques, concepts and skills of FE, coaching and ACT such as fusion/defusion, different ways of listening, managing conversation, understanding and navigating trigger behavior, how to ask the right questions, etc.

Introduction to Functional Empathy™


As Requested

Course Dates:
As Requested

Live Online via Zoom


By Kathy Maichel & Minou Hexspoor


Functional Empathy can bring out the best in you and in you and others.

If you want to create healthy relationships, build a motivating work environment, and inspire your clients, you will benefit from attending the Introduction to Functional Empathy™.
The techniques you’ll learn can be used to:


Chose empathy as a value and know how to apply it as a skill-set


Address stress and overwhelm by breaking the Cycle of Depletion


Increase productivity in yourself and the people you work with


Increase your ability to motivate and create a team strong in valued actions


Avoid losing control of your team and its performance


Let go of people pleasing and generate genuine respect from others, using Functional Empathy


Become a highly valued professional, increasing your positive influence on people


Gain experience with weekly hands-on practice


My favorite thing about working with Kathy is her ability to see through what I am saying out loud and see what is deeper. And then to lovingly challenge me to see it as well.  I love that we finish every session with a sense of closure, even on major topics.

Singer, US Air Force

Talking about challenges and asking questions lead to many self-discoveries. Minou was able to pull the answers that were always in me, but just searching to get out. It helped me build confidence, be focused, prioritize, and most important, learn how to appreciate myself.

Flutra Gorana

Senior Program Manager, War Child, Lebanon

Kathy is well grounded and holds a great space to work in. She is serene, yet also great at sharing observations and insights that can really inspire growth. She helps with setting accountabilities and check-ins and is so easy to talk to. Working with her really set the stage for me to achieve my goals.

Entrepreneur, USA

Subjects we will cover

Introduction to Functional Empathy™

Gain insight in typical empath struggles, the impact of inner blocks, overwhelm and the cycle of depletion.

Explore the relation between being an empath and how people behave around you, and learn the first skills to start addressing empath challenges in relation to others.

How to deal with Stress as an Empath

Especially for empaths and empathic professionals, the impact of stress and anxiety can be hugely disruptive to any kind of personal or professional performance.

Learn about the effects of stress on the brain and how to address triggers and button pushing. Learn the necessary skills to address doubts and fears that are influencing performance.

The Roles of Empaths: which ones you choose unconsciously, and which work once best for you

The roles we play by default or by choice, have a huge impact on the outcome of how we engage with others.

Become aware of the roles you tend to take on, and which ones you ideally would want to develop and apply consciously. Learn about the Levels of Empathic Engagement, and the use of Hexaflex to increase tolerance and distance from unwanted thoughts and behaviors.

What are your Core Values and the Ideal Vision of Yourself?

Identify personal and professional values, how you can honor them at all times in what you say and do.

Develop an Ideal Vision of yourself based on your personal and professional strengths and gifts, and learn how to commit to valued actions and focus to improve performance.

Boundary Setting & Reframing

Setting healthy boundaries is a key struggle for many empaths.

Identify your boundary status, identify boundaries that you want to set, and learn how to set  healthy boundaries that support your values, inner peace and ambitions.

Your Vision as a Functional Empath

Create your personal and professional vision and mission as a Functional Empath.

Practice all the concepts and skills you have learned during this course – with yourself and others, receive feedback and engage in shared learning, and conversations.

Develop an action plan that will help you move forward after the course while staying true to yourself and your goals. 

Who teaches this course?

Minou Hexspoor is recognized as a committed coach, trainer and mentor to international professionals and leaders working in complex conditions dealing with high stress levels and overwhelm, who are looking to create a durable and effective work and life environment.

She has a background in psychology, pedagogy, social work, sociology and Middle Eastern studies combined with her professional experiences within national country management, humanitarian emergency response and complex systems.

Kathy Maichel works with high performers to help them reclaim their confidence in the process, build a healthy relationship with their profession, and perform optimally.

With a background in music performance and a Master’s Degree in Psychology of Music from The University of Sheffield, UK., Katherine focuses on the science of performance anxiety and optimal functioning. She has worked with performers in the US Air Force, with leaders in International NGOs, Orchestras and Universities around the world.

Minou was recommended to me by a colleague during a time I was so overwhelmed I thought my only option was to quit my job. Working with Minou turned my life around and enabled me to get rid of the continuous overwhelm I was experiencing.


Regional Program Director, Middle East & North Africa, Humanitarian Org.

One of Kathy’s super powers is her intuition, she just knows where to go with her powerful questions to get to the core of what is going on giving me unknown knowledge about myself that helped me grow in confidence and gain a clear direction for the actions I wish to take to achieve my goals.

Entrepreneur , Netherlands

Coaching with Minou was a very positive experience, it was the first time I could share my struggles with someone who understood what I was going through and didn’t judge me for it, guided me through my process, listened to me, lifted me up and helped me create clarity.

Dana Sihov

Entrepreneur Language Learning


This course will help you to:


Create space in your work and life to honor yourself as an empath without becoming overwhelmed by others or their situations


Decide how and when to use the skills learned during the course, so you can function in a healthy and self-supporting way


Use the skills you have learned to help others grow, learn, and help them take responsibility and accountability for themselves


Use approaches and skills of Functional Empathy™, ACT and Coaching to bring out the best in yourself and the people you work with


Drive powerful change


Listen deeply and actively to engage the people you work with in a forward moving and positive way


Challenge un-resourceful thinking patterns and attitudes in yourself and others, using the Levels of Empathic Engagement Model and reframing techniques


Give and receive feedback in ways that support your own growth and that of others, without you feeling you have to take responsibility for others that doesn't belong to you

How can you put your learning to use?

The practical nature of this course means that you will use what you learn immediately in your work and life.

FE™, ACT and Coaching skills can be used in almost all professional settings to bring out the best in yourself as an empath, as well as in others in a healthy and functional way; for example clients, family members, teams, friends, employees, etc., and foster motivation and inspiration, while promoting opportunity focused problem-solving.

Intended audience

This coaching skills course is suitable for all managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals wishing to develop their coaching skills.


Professional Coaches


People who work with empaths/empathic professionals


Empathic leaders


Empathic professionals


Empathy Ambassadors



Delivery style

This is an interactive course which will be delivered through a variety of methods including:


Small group discussions


Role plays or simulations


Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts


Question and answer sessions with the trainers.

You will get the most from the Introduction to Functional Empathy course if you are willing to:


Contribute to group discussions


Communicate verbally in small groups


Participate in role play style activities


Actively apply what you learn in the course in your life and work

For more information or course options, contact us:

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Functional Empathy™ is an approach that helps you bring out your empathic leadership skills.



What are the dates and starting time of the course?

Dates course:

Wednesday April 10, 17, 24 and May 1, 15 and 22.


Can I watch the recording when I can’t attend a session?

Yes, the teaching parts, without group discussions/practice, etc.


Is there a refund policy?

We want you to be satisfied, so if you this course isn’t what you hoped for after the first lesson, we’ll refund 5/6 of your payment. No questions asked.

Who teaches the course?

Your teachers are Minou Hexspoor & Kathy Maichel.
Read more here


Can they ask questions in between?

We offer email support before, in between and after sessions to make sure you have the best experience


Is there a possibility to book private coaching sessions in between with either one of you?

Yes you can book coaching or skills practicing sessions, you will receive the booking link after registration/payment.

Sessions are for a reduced fee of 80 USD/45 minute session (excl. VAT).

We are so super excited for our next group of empaths, coaches, empathic professionals and others looking to use and apply empathy in a functional and healthy way!